Club President

Fred, there is no way that all of this could have been accomplished without your help throughout the past fifteen months. You gave us ideas, backbone to make the tough decisions and excellent professional advice. It has been a real pleasure working with you.

General Counsel

It has been tough to get the monster of redemption behind us. Although it will take some time before our capital is totally non redeemable, redemption of certificates has ceased to be an issue with the membership and no longer is an impediment in acquiring new members.

Club President

On behalf of the entire membership of our Country Club, I would like to extend our deepest thanks for providing us your invaluable assistance in preparing our new bylaws. In addition, I would like to thank you personally for the guidance and counsel you provided me during the meetings with the membership. Your experience and knowledge gave me that additional support so vital in dealing with the issues and attitudes involved in this process.

Developer General Counsel

With regard to [name of project], I cannot begin to say how happy we have all been with the formation of the Club and its opening in late September. We have almost 200 members at this time and, less than a month ago, announced a PGA tournament would be held at the Club. I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to work with  you in the formation of [name of project]. I feel very honored to have had the opportunity to work on a transaction and learn from two masters like you.

Company President

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all you've done and all you contribute. We are very lucky to have someone like you who cares. I don't know how to thank you really, I consider your input and experience invaluable and don't know to express it. Aside from the business aspects of things, you have my personal, heartfelt thanks.